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Making wool cool for everyone

The Knitwit Stable is into wool. The purpose-driven company wants to set a sustainable example for the clothing industry and beyond. Can we build a lean website that helps inspires companies and brands to contribute to a fairer fashion industry?

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The Knitwit Stable is into wool. It wants to spread the word on sustainable opportunities with Dutch wool - and prove that it walks the talk. The Knitwit Stable believes in the transparency and sustainable processing of wool. This is essential to help build a fairer fashion industry.

Knitwit Stable: Purpose-driven fashion (natural woman showing off a fluffy gray wool sweater)

Primarily you would expect The Knitwit Stable to design and manufacture sustainable woollen clothing. Although The Knitwit Stable does produce and sell woollen sweaters and beanies, its main focus is to change the mindset of the industry and corporates in general.

To do so, The Knitwit Stable continuously organizes sustainable workshops for professionals who are active in fashion; from student designers to experienced entrepreneurs. Aside from this, the company offers consultancy services to large corporations. The goal is to help transform sustainability policies.

The Knitwit Stable beanie
The Knitwit Stable wool


Designing a growth enabler

We were asked to design and develop The Knitwit Stable website. Whereas most agencies would have advised to primarily display the core of services, we proposed to visually amplify the proof of the pudding with stunning product photography. The colors, the models, the sweaters; all reflect nature. You can almost touch and feel the fabric with your fingertips.

The design confirms quality and credibility. Not having the budget to advertise, the website plays a conditional role in converting leads. We feel the first visit is a defining moment of truth. You must understand: The Knitwit Stable is the real deal.

Apparently, we have hit the sweet spot. With accelerating speed The Knitwit Stable is gaining traction. The word is out. Renowned clothing brands like HUMANOID and Joe Merino have asked them to design product lines. Continuously we are earning nationwide media attention in newspapers and magazines. Even the financial industry is looking to collaborate.

To wrap things up

The Knitwit Stable is the proof of our pudding. It shows how solid strategy, design and development help boost a brand on a mission.


  • The Knitwit Stable collection is selling! The website blends eCommerce and branding together in a delicate manner. To further grow e-commerce potential we linked the Facebook webshop to our online shop. Any product we place, gets pushed through automatically. So one effort doubles the opportunities.
  • The workshops have a steady increase of participants.
  • The inspiring purpose-driven presentation, unlocks free publicity with media outlets in fashion, which helps boosts brand awareness.

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