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There are tons of strategies out there: business strategy, brand strategy, marketing strategy, communication strategy. And then there's digital strategy, which is becoming more and more important. A lot of companies seem to struggle with it. To stay ahead of competitors, respond to trends, and be ready for the next innovation, a digital strategy is the way to go! But what exactly is it? How do you develop one?

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What is a digital strategy?

In simple terms, it's a plan that uses digital initiatives to help achieve business goals. Sounds easy, but a digital business strategy is anything but. It takes expertise, experience, and dedication to successfully execute your plans. To make things even more complicated, the definition of digital strategy varies depending on who you ask.

The marketing team thinks about channels and conversion. Developers focus mostly on building system landscapes, while designers care about the desired brand experience. With so many stakeholders involved, there are loads of different interests in digital strategy. You might wonder if a uniform digital strategy even exists. We don't think so. In our ever-changing world, you've got, at best, a plan with priorities.

The sum of micro-strategies

Digital strategy is alive. This fact imposes an important requirement on how you develop a digital strategy. It must be flexible and able to involve all different stakeholders when it matters. That's why New Story uses Service Design Thinking.

Service Design Thinking is a method that breaks down big strategic questions into micro-strategies. This way, you can organize attention and bring relevant stakeholders together around essential topics. The outcome reporting steers clear of bulky documents but translates into easy-to-understand (often data-driven) posters and dashboards. By being easily shareable and updatable, you always have an up-to-date view of the status quo.

Ready to get started?

To simplify the complexity: developing a digital strategy is about starting, asking the right questions, and setting priorities. With the experienced team at New Story, you'll quickly grasp the big picture, and you can start breaking it down into focus areas. Are you taking the first step? Contact us for a no-strings-attached exploratory appointment.

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