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Member of Dutch Digital Agencies

New Story is a member of Dutch Digital Agencies, better known as DDA. It’s an ambitious network with over a hundred digital agencies that qualify as the best in the Netherlands. In this blog, you will read about the added value of this membership for New Story as well as our clients.

Dutch Digital agencies

Who is DDA?

DDA is an organization established in 2002, connecting the most prominent digital agencies that together want to smarten up the world. The organization has since grown to a network of 140 members, exchanging knowledge and experience. We stimulate each other with new ideas and digital applications. DDA enhances the rapidly growing Dutch digital industry and develops tomorrow’s talent.

One step ahead in partnerships

Being a digital agency means constantly looking for ways to make our service and approach smarter. We help clients to grow their brand in a world that is in continuous motion. If your company wants to win hearts, digital courage is essential.

New Story is a multidisciplinary agency with various fields of online expertise. Yet our conviction remains that the full-service agency doesn’t exist. New technologies and platforms spring up incessantly. Every agency is short of expertise at some point, which ever increases the importance of good cooperation. In other words: partnership makes perfect.

The DDA is a major knowledge provider. It offers access to branch information, such as key figures and presentations. In addition, we can attend DDA’s knowledge sessions and inspiring events, for instance a webinar about digital accessibility. By sharing knowledge with other digital agencies, we help each other to stay one step ahead of digital developments. This is good for New Story as well for our clients.

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