Why work at New Story

We are better together

At New Story, we aim to create the best-in-class working conditions that encourage us to grow and evolve as a team. This includes nurturing a committed workforce with a like-minded mentality. Our shared beliefs ensure that Newstorians grow better together.

Some of our team enjoying a beach walk in autumn In Noordwijk near our office

Happiness is a two-way street. It’s on us, it’s on you. You get what you give.

Act as a Tribe

Keeping pace with developments requires a willingness to collaborate.

Take Ownership 

When seeing a challenge or an opportunity, be the one to set change into motion.


Progress comes with insecurity. Ask for help. Help out. Open-up for growth.

Be Yourself

There is beauty in diversity. Your unique character adds strength.

Perks worth sharing

When maintaining a great place to grow, expect us to go the distance. Stop by our seaside office. Walk into an art-deco bar reception, and enjoy a cofficino from one of the craftiest espresso machines you will ever see. Three sunny terraces, two big black bbq eggs, homemade lunches, daily tasty treats at your desk, Playstations and many other nifty features come with the New Story home. Yet we offer much more to accelerate your growth.


Reasonable time zone? Reliable internet? If you would like to combine work with a holiday, please enjoy! We trust you.

Growth Academy

Your growth propels ours. We provide the tools, funds and time, enabling you to evolve professionally and as a person.

Vitality Program

Your physical and mental health deserves our undivided attention. We have dedicated programs in place.

Electrifying Events

Work hard, play hard. Get energised and unleash your smile at a diversity of company events.

Gear that gets you going

We equip for high performance. At work or your home office, we will dress you up in shining armour.

Curious to know it all? 

From well-organized pension plans to health benefits, or parental leave, we got you covered. Let's talk about job opportunities and we'll be happy to share any information you require.

Dig deeper?
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