Our approach

Creating an agile engine of growth

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New Story helps write the next chapter of your digital evolution. We guide organizations in crafting digital services and creating sustainable growth. Are you looking for a one-stop-shop, or a partner to add expertise to your in-house team? Look no further.

More than a tech partner

Make no mistake. We are a highly creative agency. But in today's world, we simply put digital first. New Story adds flavor to your tech. We build brands and carefully design your ecosystem to be a seasoned brand experience throughout all touchpoints: ultra user-friendly, reinforcing those values that set you apart.

Future proofing your tech stack

To speed up innovation and delivery we mix development strategies; often migrating a monolithic landscape into cloud based microservices architecture. This allows you to cost-effectively change out technologies, while creating and growing a data lake.  We stay on par with technological developments that help our customers advance. Varying the skills matrix of your organization, your business goals, playing field and data, we set up digital eco-systems in different ways, using both high- and low-code.


Be unique
→ High-performance
→ Complex processes
→ Unlimited functionality
High-code case for Van der Valk


Ship faster
→ Composable architecture 
→ Less coding
→ Involve non-coding staff
Low-code case for New Story

Agile work methods

In a world transforming at accelerating pace, there's always room to improve. Progress is a game of inches. It's the sum of details that makes the difference between good and great. Although New Story is home to an extensive team of high-end developers, we nurture an holistic approach when looking for growth opportunities. That's why they are sided by agile coaches, UI/UX experts, strategists, designers, content producers and data driven growth engineers. They collaborate, all committing to agile work methods.

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