How we grow as a team

New Story Academy

Technology is transforming at an accelerating pace. Today's innovation may just as well be obsolete tomorrow. To continuously affect digital progress for clients, and maintain relevant expertise within New Story at the same time, we have placed the New Story Academy at the heart of our organisation.

new story academy

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Our academy organically transforms with the tides of technological change. When it comes to building relevant expertise, we have all sensors in place: Newstorians. By making sure everyone understands where we are heading - and why - each individual knows what kind of personal growth will contribute to our common good.

Components of growth


Growth Market

Aligned with our company strategy we provide a community-driven overview of relevant courses and workshops.


Buddy Program

Ask for help or reach out to help another grow. Our skills matrix is available for anyone who needs or wants help.


New Talk

Join the conversation. Once a week a Newstorian videocasts knowledge about a subject he or she is passionate about.



Monthly we source and pitch challenges that help optimize our products and services. Anyone is invited to contribute.


Innovation Lab

The place to experiment with emerging technologies and code solutions that might help clients and processes improve.


Quarterly lecture

Every season an expert is invited to inspire Newstorians with an insightful presentation that touches base with our domain.



Varying the weight of knowledge and skill contribution, we have transparent plans in place for all Newstorians.



Newstorians are encouraged to devote 7.7% of their time to personal development that aligns with New Story's focus. If you work 40 hours a week, that means you are spending 4 weeks per year on your further development.

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