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200% more quality, 300% more output

With algorithms that demand not just quality but also frequent content updates, brands face a challenge: how do you make high-quality branded content affordable?

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With tools like Canva and endless features and filters on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s super easy and affordable to create your own content. Especially if you get your intern or that handy neighbor to do it. But what if you need content that’s truly on-brand? The intern or neighbor just won’t cut it. Unfortunately, your agency is too expensive.

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If you want to produce a lot of good content, even an affordable agency becomes unaffordable. Unless you understand what actually makes the agency so expensive. Traditional approaches waste too much knowledge, time, and energy, especially when your agency works independently on your carefully prepared briefing. Why do you still fall short after endless rounds of corrections?


The solution is the Creative Sprint. By having the client and creative team work together in one space, you create focus, efficient knowledge transfer, short decision-making lines, and produce content three times faster that is twice as good.

Sunny Cars as an example

Our client Sunny Cars values aligning strategy, design, technology, and marketing. Everything the brand does aligns with its essence and is reflected across various platforms. This is evident in their trade marketing activities, where campaigns effortlessly extend to trade shows, goodies, newsletters, websites, and social media. All content must meet various specifications and be coordinated.

Sunny Cars tried traditional methods with New Story for their trade marketing activities, but honestly, the benefits didn’t outweigh the costs. They also tried developing everything in-house, but the results were lacking due to a shortage of time and expertise. Last year, we started with the Creative Sprint: a format where a compact team from New Story works together with a Content Owner from Sunny Cars over two to three days to develop a whole list of campaigns and content.

How it works

Manon Prinsen is the Content Owner for Sunny Cars. She knows exactly what the organization needs for the next three months. She summarizes everything into compact briefings, which we store in a collaboration-friendly environment like Google Drive. New Story reads up, asks any questions, and prepares for the sprint days.

Creative Sprint process

Sprint day activities

At the kick-off, we review all content requests to get a sense of the workload and set priorities together. Then we dive into each project for further clarification. The team starts working, with Content Owner Manon actively involved, as creating creative material requires a lot of organization, like gathering missing inputs or translating copy.

New Story begins by developing one or a few concepts. With the Content Owner in the room, it’s easy to check in for feedback and adjustments. This is where the magic happens. Let us explain.

Breaking through uncertainty

In the past, we relied on the briefing, and maybe a debriefing from our side. But there’s often more to be read between the lines than in the briefing itself. When you start working on the actual content, you see things more clearly and room for doubt arises. “Are we addressing the travel agent or also the contract manager in this social post?” “What’s the atmosphere like among the guests at the trade show? Do they know each other well?” These insights can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of content.

To keep the pace, we used to make assumptions, often drifting away from reality. The result was often ‘almost but not quite’. In a Creative Sprint, it’s different. Every time you need clarity, the Content Owner is there to answer questions. You check in and move forward.

Qupte from Manon Prins - Content Owner at Sunny Cars: The investement we make in a few days will pay off in the months that follow.


The Creative Sprint process works so fast and effectively that you won’t want to do it any other way. It solves everything. Not only does your 'expensive agency' with experienced experts become very affordable, but you also get so much done in a short time that you create peace, space, and focus for your organization. Even for your agency. Ad hoc projects will always exist. But now you have time for them.

  • Twice the quality
  • Three times the output
  • Knowledge grows both ways
  • More room for ad hoc projects
  • A hundred times more fun working

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