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Looking for a website, eCommerce platform, app, or another online application? Feel like your tech, design, and usability are stuck in the past? At New Story, we craft any digital solution you need, keeping your future goals in mind. We ensure all your applications grow together as a connected, secure, sustainable, and scalable ecosystem. Stay relevant and pivot to new opportunities with ease.

Cloud Native path

Your aspirations are in good hands. We strategically build your digital platform from the ground up or transform outdated legacy systems into cutting-edge, cloud-based microservices architectures. Given the opportunity, we seamlessly integrate applications, APIs, and third-party solutions.

A branded digital experience

Technology should serve people, making life easier for everyone inside and outside your organization. A meaningful digital presence goes beyond functionality and usability. We infuse your ecosystem with your key brand values, designing and crafting them into a unique digital brand experience.

Innovating together

Progress is an ongoing journey. To stay on course, we maintain a big-picture perspective on the growth we aim to achieve. Our 25 years of experience have taught us that long-term partnerships are key to our success. We build digital solutions for you, and with you. Our processes and systems keep knowledge, experience, and expertise in sync. Together, we win, learn, grow, and enjoy the ride.

Tech focus

For the tech enthusiasts: our platforms are built on cutting-edge technologies like Microservices, Kubernetes, Headless CMS systems, and responsive, user-friendly frontend frameworks - all cloud-based. We're constantly exploring new languages, frameworks, tools, and techniques. Picking the right ones at the right time future-proofs your digital ecosystem.

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Our Expertise

  • connecting audiences
  • developing digital architecture
  • crafting digital services
  • customizing solutions
  • integrating low/no-code solutions
  • future-proofing digital ecosystems
  • creating human-centered solutions
  • creating on-brand user experiences

Let's Chat

Let's get together and talk about your digital dreams. Whether it's over coffee with a view of the North Sea at New Story or at your place, we're up for it!

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Online Marketing

Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing; we grow traffic and grow your brand.

All marketing services
Digital Strategy in action with post-its

Digital Strategy

Target audiences, media channels, marketing tech, KPIs, analytics; we translate insights into actions.

All digital strategy services
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Brand Design

Identity design, style maps, design systems, marketing campaigns; we make your brand relevant and radiant.

All brand design services