An introduction

AI Content

Content creation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more popular and is seen as a game-changer for content marketing. It can generate unique and well-written content within a minute, making it easier and more affordable for brands and marketers to create content.

The need for AI Content Marketing

In today's AI era, content marketing is not an option but a necessity. If you don't embrace it, you will fall behind in the search results, and your competition will get ahead of you. The challenge, however, is that everyone can create good content. To stand out, you need to be found.

The solution

Quality content that targets your ideal customer is essential, but having a good strategy is even more important. At New Story, we help you develop an effective SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition. Our streamlined content marketing process uses AI technology, making it effortless to develop, publish, and optimize content that aligns with your business goals.

The execution

As a brand, it's essential to focus on your core business and let us take care of the content marketing for you. We have perfected the process of content marketing using AI technology, allowing you to develop, publish, and optimize strategically positioned content with minimal effort.

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Sprint Prep
In this phase, we set up the necessary structure to jointly develop, monitor and optimize content. We connect you to JIRA, our system that prevents overhead, to enable you to set up projects and monitor progress. We also install Google Analytics and conversion tracking.
Story Planning
In this phase, we create an environment where we maintain a backlog of stories, which we fill during periodic editorial meetings. We log the topics, provide them with target groups and keywords, and enable an agile approach, where brand and agency can pick up the work when it best fits everyone's agenda.
Monthly Sprint
We work in short sprints to develop, optimize, and post content with focus. New Story delivers an agreed number of unedited blogs to the customer, who then makes choices and implements substantive improvements. Then New Story integrates keywords, crosslinks, and visuals, and places the blogs online in your CMS. The management and paid promotion of this content via social media channels is ultimately optional, but we certainly recommend it.
Evaluation Sprints
We evaluate the interim results and the process every quarter to see what is working well and what needs improvement. This allows us to keep a structural view of the process and make necessary adjustments.

Why New Story makes more impact

To increase the impact of your content, you need to optimize all aspects of content creation, including strategy, target audience, relevant media plan, consistent design, clear call-to-actions, smart funnels, and continuous insight, monitoring, and optimization. At New Story, we have all the expertise to ensure that your content catches on and contributes to your brand.

The cost of AI Content

At New Story, you can purchase our AI Content service for a fixed monthly fee, and you can cancel after three months if you are not satisfied. We deliver high-quality, SEO-optimized content at a reasonable price, and the cost depends on the role we take on and the amount of content we develop.


We believe in making our work's progress measurable, so we send a Google Data Studio report every month with the results of the published content. We look at different metrics, depending on the channels we have deployed, such as the number of visitors, page views, readers per article, time on the website, number of clicks, traffic sources, impressions and clicks from Google, and average organic position for keywords. For social media, we look at reach, click-throughs, engagement, among others.

For a website

  • the number of visitors, page views
  • readers per article
  • time on the website
  • number of clicks
  • traffic sources
  • impressions and clicks from Google
  • average organic position for keywords

For social media

  • reach
  • click-throughs
  • engagement

Start with AI Content?

Are you interested in taking your company's online content to the next level with an AI Content Sprint? Let's give it a shot! Reach out to Maryse Barnhoorn of New Story and we'll work together to reach your target audience and share stories that they'll love.

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