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New Story shares passion and knowledge about the fast-paced world of digital transformation. Today, we're focusing on a hot topic: how AI, specifically GPT technology, can help you operationalize your business strategy. Get to know our product Strategaize: alignment made simple.

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Strategy in a changing world

Crafting an effective strategy in a rapidly changing world is an art. By the time you're done gathering insights, the market has already changed. This calls for a new approach: quick, flexible, and always up-to-date. Say goodbye to bulky reports; welcome compact, dynamic documents that function as a dashboard of insights.

Service design and mapping

At New Story, we apply service design and mapping to meet this challenge. Take, for example, a retail chain struggling with customer engagement. We set up workshops with stakeholders from various layers of the organization. The results? Visual, and digital posters in Mural mapping every aspect of the customer journey. This provides a clear overview and immediate action points for improvement.

Operationalizing your strategy

How do you ensure that everyone in your company understands and can apply your carefully thought-out strategy? This is often where traditional methods fall short. Every part of the company, from reception to finance, must be able to translate the strategy into their daily work. This is where GPT comes in. By developing a GPT agent specifically for your brand, linked to your strategy data, the strategy becomes accessible to everyone. Your agent dynamically adapts as the strategy evolves. Three examples for context:

A marketing department employee has a question about the latest brand guidelines. Instead of searching through documents, they ask the GPT agent. The response is immediate, current, and in line with the latest strategy updates.
An HR employee needs to communicate the new guidelines for remote working. Instead of navigating a maze of policy documents, they ask the GPT agent: "What are the updated rules for remote working?" The GPT agent provides a direct, clear answer, based on the most recent policy changes. This saves time and increases consistency in communication to staff.
A sales manager is preparing for an important pitch. She needs specific information about the latest product features to support her sales pitch. Instead of sifting through product manuals and updates, she asks the GPT agent: "What are the unique features of our latest product?" The agent provides immediate, detailed, and current product information, enabling her to enhance her pitch with the latest data, leading to a better chance of sales success.

The Benefits of GPT Strategy

A GPT-driven strategy is not just a gadget; it's a game-changer for any organization where people make the difference. The GPT agent helps employees better understand and communicate complex topics. This understanding results in:

  1. Better accessibility of strategic information.
  2. Consistency in execution across different departments.
  3. Dynamic adaptation to changing circumstances.


If you want to greatly enhance the power of your organization, the strategists, AI engineers, and developers at New Story are ready to dynamically anchor insights and make them super accessible to everyone on the work floor. We pick up your strategy, link it to your own GPT agent, and translate it into a Progressive Web App.

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