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Mastering the game of inches

In today's digital landscape, having a comprehensive digital strategy is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. With so many digital channels and technologies available, it's essential to have a clear plan in place to effectively reach and engage your target audience. Our goal is to guide you through the process of creating a winning digital strategy that takes into account all the data and details that determine success. Let's work together and make every inch count.

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Defining digital strategy

A digital strategy is a blueprint that outlines how a business can use digital channels and technologies to achieve its goals. It involves a deep understanding of your target audience, their online behaviour, the channels they use, the digital landscape, and your business objectives. The strategy should take into account all aspects of your digital presence, including owned media like your website, social media, email marketing, and any other digital channels you use. By having a well-defined digital strategy in place, you can ensure that all your digital efforts are aligned and working towards a common goal, helping you to maximize your return on investment and achieve success in the digital space.

Why collaboration is key

For a Digital Strategist at New Story, collaboration is pivotal to deliver a successful digital strategy.
A digital strategist needs to work closely with internal experts, such as brand designers, content producers, developers and growth engineers as well as stakeholders at the client's side, such as Product Owners, HR, Marketing, Sales and Client Services. By engaging with these experts and stakeholders, a digital strategist can gain a deeper understanding of the client's business, goals, and target audience. This collaboration is essential to ensuring that the digital strategy aligns with the client's overall business objectives and delivers the desired results.

For example, the CTO can provide technical insights on what is feasible and what is not, while the marketers can help in understanding the target audience and the messaging that would resonate with them. The Product Owner can help in defining the product roadmap and priorities, and HR can provide insights into the company culture and values. All these perspectives are important in creating a comprehensive digital strategy that delivers tangible results for the client.

Data-driven success

Digital strategy is about more than just boosting performance. It also involves creating meaningful digital experiences that align with your brand values. Regardless of the approach, measuring success is crucial in creating a meaningful impact through digital channels. That's why at New Story, we use data-driven insights to craft strategies that are aligned with your corporate strategy, business goals, and brand values. By gathering data from your website, e-commerce platform, marketing automation, CRM, and data analysis tools, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your digital presence and identify areas for improvement. With this information, we make informed decisions that drive grow your business and your brand.

Incremental and experimental progress

In the constantly changing digital realm, a long-term approach is key to success. In that light, we prefer to respond to change over following a static plan. From experience, we know that the sum of  details makes the biggest impact. This is why we focus on incremental improvements to your digital presence. To stay ahead of the competition, we keep up with the latest trends and test new solutions before incorporating them into your digital strategy. Our goal is to drive growth for your business and ensure long-term success in the digital space through a focus on continuous improvement. Want to learn more about how we drive growth? Read about the Growth Engineering service we offer.

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