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Why your digital growth calls for a Design System

Design systems are becoming increasingly important for organisations with an ever-growing digital footprint. But what exactly is a design system? How did it become mainstream? And why is it necessary? In this blog post, we’ll answer all of these questions and give you some examples of well-known design systems that are worth taking a look at.

Design System

What is a Design System?

Design systems are collections of components and guidelines that help designers create consistent user experiences across multiple platforms. They serve as living documents of brand standards and best practices that can be referenced when creating any kind of digital interface, from websites to apps to other tools. Every design system should include elements like typeface, colour palette, UI components, page templates, style guide, grid system and more.  

Why are they necessary?

Design systems evolved out of the need to streamline front-end development processes in a world where consumers use multiple devices to access information online. It became apparent early on that web developers needed a way to quickly and easily produce consistent user experiences across different platforms - which is where design systems come in. By implementing a design system into their workflow, developers can ensure that each element is designed using the same aesthetic principles and coding conventions; making it easier for users to have a seamless experience no matter what platform they’re accessing your website or app from.

Good examples

There are plenty of well-known design systems out there that can serve as inspiration for your own project. Some popular ones include Google’s Material Design System (which was developed with mobile-first in mind) as well as IBM Carbon Design System and Airbnb’s Visual Language System (which both focus on creating beautiful user interfaces).

Design Systems are essential for organizations with an ever-growing digital footprint because they streamline front-end development processes while ensuring consistency across multiple platforms. Design Systems come in many shapes and sizes. If you aim for brand consistency and solid progress through-out development, please get in touch with us to elaborate on your specific needs.

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