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Why you want a Business Analyst on your team

As a marketer, brand manager, or entrepreneur, you want the right people on your digital team in order to be successful. You need all involved experts to understand the latest trends and technologies relevant to your domain. Business analysts are essential for us as a creative digital agency and you as a client. Let’s take a look at why our Business Analysts are so important and how they can help you progress in today's digital jungle.

Business Analyst at work

Jobs to be done need scrutiny 

Business Analysts serve as an extra set of eyes when it comes to scrutinizing projects before they get shared with the cross-functional team of experts. They are able to review projects and make sure that all tasks are properly aligned with company goals and objectives. This is especially important when you are trying to launch a new feature, product or service. Your business analyst will help ensure that everything is in place before it goes out into the world. 

Cross-functional approach requires continuous direction 

The key to success in any creative digital agency lies in its ability to work together as a cross-functional team. This means that everyone on the team needs to understand their role and how their job contributes to the overall success of the project. The Business Analyst helps provide continuous direction for teams, They keep track of timelines, milestones, and monitor progress.

Single source feedback

When you have multiple experts working on one project, it will be difficult for clients to keep track of who is responsible for what part of the project. That’s where business analysts come in. They serve as a single point of contact for clients, providing them with regular updates on progress and addressing their concerns quickly and efficiently. One source for feedback saves time, money, hassle and provides clarity. 

Minding your time and budget

Business Analysts guard your interest by managing budgets. How well things are thought-out, projects will always takes unexpected turns. When handled well from day one, a project will only be subject to minor adjustments. You won't be caught by surprise!

To sum things up 

Business Analysts are essential for solid partnership. They provide valuable insight into projects before they even begin, help manage timelines and budgets throughout each project's life cycle. Lastly, they act as single point of contact, providing regular updates on progress, preventing projects from going rogue. So there you have it: Business Analysts don't cost. They bring value!

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