Visual Regression Testing

Finding Waldo is a non-issue

In the past - when publishing visual changes - our developers played a game of "Where's Waldo", checking to see if any visual bugs had occurred. Now that we have implemented Visual Regression Testing, the visual bugs are a problem of the past.

Finding Waldo cartoon

At New Story, we're keen on incorporating fully automated tests in our development cycle. Recently we've added Visual Regression Testing. It automatically identifies visual differences down to a single pixel before going live with new features and content. Thanks to Visual Regression Testing, developers spend less time doing intensive manual testing - which of course results in faster release times and better coverage.

Defining Visual Regression Testing

Visual Regression Testing is the automated process of taking screenshots of web pages or web applications and comparing them to reference images. This to determine if there are any differences. These tests can be run automatically as part of a continuous integration (CI) process.

Benefits of Visual Regression Testing

There are many benefits to implementing automated visual regression tests into your development process. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saves time
    Developers no longer need to manually check for Waldo, which frees up time to work on other tasks.
  • Saves money
    In the long run, automated tests are substantially cheaper to maintain than manual tests.
  • More reliable  
    Automated tests can be run more frequently and consistently than manual tests, resulting in fewer defects in production.
  • Easier to scale  
    As your website or application grows, it becomes more difficult to manually test all the different pages and functionality. Automated tests can easily be scaled up to cover more pages and functionality as needed.
  • Better coverage
    Visual regression tests are able to cover more areas of your website or application than manual testing - resulting in fewer defects slipping through the cracks.
  • Faster feedback
    Visual regression tests can provide immediate feedback on whether a change has caused any unexpected visual differences and, more importantly, where these are. This significantly helps to speed up the development process. It allows developers to fix any issues before they become problems quickly.


In this age of accelerating technological change, you should seize any opportunity to optimise and speed up development processes. In that respect, implementing automated visual regression is a no-brainer. The benefits outweigh - by far - the costs and will save time and money. In addition, automated tests are more reliable and easier to scale as your website or application grows. So are you also tired of finding Waldo? Implement automated visual regression testing today!

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P.S. Before you leave… here's Waldo.

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