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New Story is dedicated to helping clients grow and thrive in the digital age. With new technologies emerging every day, it's essential to not only offer a functional user experience but also win the hearts of customers through a strong brand strategy. How do you develop a new brand strategy, or recalibrate an existing one? And immediately ensure that it is embraced by your organization? It's less complicated than you might suspect.

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Defining brand strategy

Brand strategy defines the future direction of your brand. It is a comprehensive plan that outlines your brand's goals, values, and unique selling points. To create an effective brand strategy, it's important to understand your market, competition, and target audience. You have to consider the current market trends and where the market is heading; analyze your competition and identify their strengths and weaknesses, and what you can learn from them; determine the needs and pain points of your target audience and how your brand can address them; evaluate the tone and style of your product and service offerings to ensure they align with your brand identity. These are just some of the key questions that must be answered in order to create a successful brand strategy.

Why you need one

A well-defined brand strategy provides direction and focus for all your marketing efforts. It acts as a bridge between your company's objectives and your customers' needs and expectations. Without a clear brand strategy, your marketing campaigns may lack coherence and fail to deliver the desired results. Furthermore, without a clear brand identity, your employees may struggle to align their efforts and contribute to the growth of your business. A strong brand strategy lays the foundation for a successful and sustainable brand.

Make it tangible

New Story believes in a collaborative approach to developing brand strategy through our four-step mapping methodology. This methodology involves a series of focused workshops, or "maps," that generate insights by gathering input from experts throughout your organization. The co-creation aspect of the mapping methodology is critical to its success. Not only does it ensure that information is gathered from all angles, but it also lays the foundation for future adoptation of the brand strategy. By involving experts in the co-creation process, they become advocates for the brand strategy and are more likely to support its implementation and success. New Story has extensive experience working with a diverse range of brands and is committed to delivering a clear, flexible brand strategy. One that can easily be updated and shared throughout your organization.

The flexible four-step approach

At New Story, our four-step approach is flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. If your company has existing information that we can leverage, the four-step process may be condensed into a single, comprehensive workshop. On the other hand, if more in-depth insights are required, such as those related to a new brand identity, the competition or the use of media, we can add additional workshops to gather the necessary information. The goal of our staged approach is to provide a customized solution that meets your brand's specific needs and results in a clear and flexible brand strategy.

Illustration of 4 steps Brand strategy
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Explore Map
Kick-off to understand the brand, its products, market, competition, target groups, opportunities and threats.
Persona Map
Understanding the target group for better service design and communication.
Positioning Map
Developing a personality for the brand that stands out from the competition.
Story Map
Creating the brand's purpose, story and relevant evidence.

If you're looking to translate your brand strategy into a fresh digital proof brand design, we offer workshops that outline the desired look and feel of your brand.

Logo Map
Objectifying the framework for the new logo.
Style Map
Establishing new guidelines for visual devices and style.

Bringing brand strategy to life

With a well-defined brand strategy, it's time to put it into action both internally and externally. This includes incorporating it into all of your company's stationary, media, and signage. To ensure that your brand values are effectively communicated to your employees, it's important to go beyond simply presenting the plans. True brand adoption within an organization requires engaging employees through branding workshops that demonstrate the relevance of the brand, encourage ideation, and inspire initiative. New Story has dedicated partners who have adopted to our way of working. They offer workshops that help your brand come to life within your organization.

Fast, comprehensive, and effective

Seasoned marketers know from experience that creating a brand strategy can be a lengthy and costly process. The New Story mapping approach is different. Our approach is both solid and efficient, allowing you to develop, implement and execute your brand strategy quickly. With the ability to share maps easily, your team will be able to adopt the strategy with increased speed and effectiveness - which is crucial in today's fast-paced business world. Get ready to be dazzled by the results you can achieve with the New Story mapping approach.

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