A great place to grow

The best place to learn design latte art.

A beach house overlooking the North Sea. An art deco bar as a reception. One of the craftiest espresso machines you will ever see. Three sunny terraces. Two big black BBQ eggs. Homemade lunches. Game consoles. And many other nifty features come with the New Story territory. Yes it’s nice. But we require much more to deliver upon our promise: A great place to grow.

Coffee is part of our culture at New Story

The challenge

These days, most organizations are on digital life support, with online applications playing a critical role in their services. Many of these applications interact and evolve asynchronously. They push each other forward. There is no escape, in order to maintain relevance, both technology and people are destined to improve continuously.

Collaboration on steroids

Keeping up with new developments in an ever-transforming world is a puzzle of expertise and motivation. How do you build momentum and fuel constant progress? Collaboration is critical to move forward. Our culture is designed to get better together.

Alignment of everything

You can't be an expert in everything. That's why New Story aims for seamless collaboration. Systems, software, tooling, processes, multidisciplinary experts… even our seaside office, exterior, and interior - they’re all aligned with one another.

Learning by doing

Designers, developers, UX researchers, copywriters, art-directors, performance engineers ánd clients - at New Story we’re all part of the ecosystem that catalyzes growth. Working side by side, we share knowledge on the fly. We never stop learning.

Nobody is perfect

In times of accelerating innovation, anyone can fall behind. That's why we urge people to open up and show vulnerability. Being upfront about shortcomings allows for team members to step in and help out. Together we win, together we learn.

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