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The start of a new chapter

Jool Software Professionals becomes part of New Story. We grew together in a short time. And we continue to grow as one. In this article, David Kingma, director at Jool would like to explain this further.

David Kingma

Jool is starting a new chapter. From today onwards we will continue as New Story. No, it is not a name change. We will join New Story in Noordwijk!

For 20 years, we have worked with great enthusiasm on great and challenging projects for our clients. Always with full dedication to the technology behind web applications. We closely followed technological developments and proudly applied new discoveries to projects.

Our ambition and focus changed; from small-scale projects to large development projects. But we gradually discovered that we needed a larger organization for this.

New Story turned out to be the ideal party for us; a digital agency with teams in strategy development, creation, marketing and development. We are going to strengthen this last team and take it to the next level. This is our new mission! But still in our familiar office in Bodegraven.

David Kingma
Director at Jool

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